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Consulate Of The Republic Of Zimbabwe

Wonder Rodney Munyanyi is an expert in U.K Immigration Law

He holds a Bachelor of Law Honours Degree (BL Hons) and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from the University of Zimbabwe. He was awarded the LL.B Degree in 1989. Mr Munyanyi proceeded to study for a Master of Science Degree in International Relations at the same University.

Wonder holds a Diploma in Immigration Law and Refugee Management from Transatlantic College in London. He is also the holder of a Diploma in European Law from the same College. After practising Law in Zimbabwe for 6 years, Mr Munyanyi joined the British Refugee Council in September 2000 and worked as an Asylum Support Advice Worker at the Oakington Immigration Detention Centre in Cambridge. In 2002 he joined the Refugee Legal Centre in Cambridge and worked as a Legal Representative.

In 2006 Mr Munyanyi was transferred to the London Office of the Refugee Legal Centre to focus on Immigration, Asylum, and Human Rights Law Appeals. He has appeared before U.K Immigration Law Tribunals representing clients from diverse regions and countries.

Throughout his professional life in the U.K, Mr Munyanyi was an accredited Caseworker who was authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (U.K) to practise Immigration Law.

Upon his return to Zimbabwe in 2008. Mr Munyanyi founded the U.K Immigration Centre which later became the Immigration Advisory Services. He has recently joined  our Cape Town Office.

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Flying Animals - Shipping Domestic Pets, Exotic Animals and livestock

Flying Animals will guide you through the export/import regulations to ensure you comply and submit necessary documentation when Shipping Domestic Pets, Shipping Exotic Animals and Shipping livestock.

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Torfx - Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

TorFX is a leading provider of foreign exchange services, offering competitive currency exchange rates for international money transfers and an unrivalled personal service to private individuals and companies with a foreign currency exchange requirement. We pride ourselves on our ability to save our customers money.

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U-BAG - The Online Excess Baggage Company

U-BAG specializes in sending excess baggage and personal effects as unaccompanied baggage by air to over 500 destinations worldwide.

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