Other Services

Relocation online maintains a professional and non biased approach to all applications, each one is treated with the same amount of urgency and more importantly exactly within the bounds of law. Relocation Online acts on your behalf as power of attorney for the process of your immigration.

Utility Connection

Prior to the Assignee taking
occupation, connections of water,
electricity, telephone and
postal services will be arranged.

Settling in

Relocation Online will
arrange for Housekeeper/Domestic Help,
Garden and Pool Service assistance,
DSTV and Internet connection, Cell Phone conversions,
Banking and Security and the introduction
to Medical facilities and practitioners,
Places of Worship, Sporting facilities and
Local Community Services.

Outbound Services

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model sentence structures.

Other services:

  • Application for citizenship
  • Legalization
  • Application for passports, ID books
  • Drafting of Business Plans
  • Drafting of letters
  • Application for SAQA evaluations
  • Application for Labour Reports from the Department of Labour
  • Completing of Application forms
  • Assist with translations of documents into English
  • Drafting of Chartered Accountant certificates
  • Assistance with medical cover in South Africa
  • Assistance with applications for Police clearance certificates from foreign countries
  • Certification of documentation
  • Apostille of documents