Types of Permits


Work permits:

  • General work permit- Is a permit that links you to the company you will be working for. Its valid for up to 5 years, contract permitting. You qualify for this permit if you are wanting to work in SA and do not qualify in terms of any of the permits below.
  • Intra-company transfer permit- Transfer from Sister company abroad to SA, still remaining the responsibility of the company abroad. Not becoming apart of SA payroll.
  • Exceptional Skills- When you are an exceptional candidate, who possesses a high level of education, has a good level of experience and preferably has publications. Please send your CV to our consultants for them to provide you with feedback as to whether you qualify: please note if you fall in terms of the below Category (Quota) you should apply in terms of Quota.
  • Quota- Quota are needed skills in the country recognized by our government and put in terms of a government gazette, below. Please note that you would need to be registered with a body or council.


Business permits:

  • Business permit: you require this visa if you have the intention of operating a business in SA.
  • Business visa: to enter the country on a visa with the intention of working prior authorization needs to be made to our missions or Airports.


Family Relation Permits:

  • Relatives permits: to allow you to stay in SA when you have an SA permanent resident/ Citizen as a family member. (or if you are married to a South African, these permits conditions are permitted)
  • Life- partner: to reside with an SA partner (either same-sex or opposite) we can add a condition to this visa.
  • Accompany permits: to stay on the permission basis that you are in a relationship or married to a foreign national who is on a permit.