What is a relocation service?

  • A relocation service is somewhat of a new concept in South Africa, yet very much in demand when working with high profile Companies or Management. It involves the arranging and managing of the entire relocation of an employee and their family to another Country or Province.


What is the benefit of using a relocation onlines service?

  • Most times, the added load of attention given to any one relocation assignment to be managed by the H.R. department places unnecessary pressure and time to a project that may require research and sourcing. The relocation process is not an exercise that can be hurried, it involves emotional needs that have to be satisfied in order for the client to feel that he/she has made the right career and personal decsion, it involves time being spent with the family and the assignee. Time that H.R Managers often do not have. It is therefore our business to take on this responsibility in its entirety, fulfilling all the needs and requirements of the assignment.


What is a successful relocation?

  • A successful relocation entails educating and settling a family, or Assignee, into a new environment in such a way that each member adapts comfortably and reaches optimum performance in the shortest possible time. Every detail of the assignment is seen as a priority to satisfy, meeting every possible requirement to that which the family or Assignee, have been accustomed to in their Country of Origin.


A relocation process includes:



  • The orientation process includes the tour of the best suited areas often a look at shops in surrounding areas, preferred visited resturaunts, and hot spots. The oreintation is the enitial step of the relocation apart from the Needs Analysis provided before meeting the assignee; it is an important step as it is initial meeting point for the relocater and the assignee. The Relocater is generally an up beat person who can handle any situation; they are clued up with the surrounding areas, its history, property values and prospective growth potential of the area


Accomodation Search

  • The accomodation search is only done once the client has decided on the area of preferance. The Relocater will have to assess whether this area is suitable once this is done the accomodation search is enterred into, the relocater working close together with reputable Agents will then source the suitable property according to, budget, size, area and growth potential of the area. An accomodation search can be anything from a rental property, to purchasing of residential or commercial property. Once the perfect property is sourced, the relocater acts as a buffer in the negotiations, taking the negotaitions into their own hands to avoid the exploitation of the assignee.


School Search

  • This is the most crucial part of the relocation. It is not only the assignee that takes on the stress but it is the children that can make or break the move, it is highly imperative that the child or children don?t feel that the decision was made without them. Because they are leaving all that is familiar it is important that the Relocater find a school that brings out the paramount in that child. We go beyond measure to ensure a placement in the school that best suites your child or children.


Vehicle Search

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